Marqués de Cáceres

Marqués de Cáceres follows the line of the wines of great typicity inheritance of the bordeleses who came to settle in Rioja in search of good grapes for their wines after the epidemic of the phylloxera that ravaged the French vineyard.However, a century ago (and less) the majority of the Rioja vineyard was white grape. The Forner Family, with a French feeling, now with Cristina Forner at the helm, continues to innovate to stay among the best valued and most recognized by the consumer wineries.

And it happened that in 1939 after the end of the Civil War, the country was an absolute chaos, there were problems to hire grape pickers and some grapes remained in the vineyard until November, developing some of them "noble rot", that is to say, were infected by a fungus called botrytis. With sweet and concentrated grapes of the Viura variety (although it could also be a minority of Malvasía or Garnacha Blanca) they began to make sweet and semi-sweet wines.

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