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It all started when an ancestor of the Prada family convinced of the nobility of the godello variety, plants the first fish in 1885, on the high slate slopes of the hills of the Sil valley.

The spirit of the family's bodeguero has its origin in an endearing character: José Ramón Gayoso, Portela's viticulturist. This vine grower plants the first vineyard entirely with the variety "Godello", convinced of the potential of this native variety of Valdeorras and against the currents of the time. Little by little these plantations were enlarged, although many of these plots were sold to other winemakers, the Pedrouzos estate remaining only in ownership.

But in the year 2001, the young branch of the family, began to recover those small pieces that had belonged to several generations ago. All godello "pezas" that were planted by the family in the past have been repurchased and reintegrated into the family patrimony.

Today thanks to a recovered heritage and a team of excellent professionals, they have managed to produce wines that reflect the origin and variety, elegant, powerful and with an unmistakable personality.